How to Write an Obituary for a Father

Writing an obituary for a father is a deeply personal and emotional experience. It’s an opportunity to honor his legacy, share his life’s story, and provide a source of solace for loved ones. These guidelines for how to write an obituary for a father include samples of wording to help you.

If you need additional assistance, please visit our Obituaries to see some obituary examples. This is a great way to get your thought process started, as sometimes it feels challenging to think straight when going through a difficult time.

A young man with his arm around his father.

How to write an obituary for a father

Start with basic biographical information

Begin by noting down the essential information. It is personal preference as to whether you include the cause of death.

  • Full name of the deceased
  • Date of birth and date of death
  • Place of birth and place of death
  • Any surviving family members
  • Immediate family members who have predeceased him
  • List the number of grandchildren and great-grandchildren
Summarize his life story

Touch upon significant life events such as:

  • Educational background – high school and college
  • Military service
  • Career highlights
  • Achievements and awards
Highlight personal qualities and interests

Mention personal traits, hobbies, important information, or values that defined him. Was he an avid gardener? Did he have a great sense of humor? Did he have a passion for music or sports?

Provide funeral and memorial details

State the date, time, and venue for any funeral service or celebration of life, and if applicable, information on where flowers or memorial donations in lieu of flowers can be sent.

Proofread and revise

After writing the first draft, take some time to reflect, then proofread and make necessary revisions. You may want to share what you’ve written with close family members or close friends before proceeding, as they may have a special message or biographical details that you haven’t thought of.

Where to post a father’s obituary

Obviously, this website is our first recommendation for publishing obituaries. Other options include the local newspaper or even the New York Times.

The funeral director should also talk to you about publishing the obituary or at least a death notice on the funeral home website. You can also share on social media.

Obituary examples for a father

Losing a father, irrespective of the relationship’s nature, can be a profound experience. When it comes to writing an obituary, the unique relationship and dynamics need special attention.

Here are some obituary examples for a father that include several different father types. You can also submit an obituary here using our Obituary Template. Our packages are affordable and designed to ensure you can honor the deceased’s life without worrying about the cost.


William Thompson, a devoted father and grandfather, left us on August 1, 2023. Born on October 15, 1942, in Rochester, he was a pillar of strength and integrity, known for his commitment to family values. Services will be held at Rochester Memorial Chapel on August 8th.


George Martin, a man who embraced his roles in life with kindness and understanding, passed away on August 2, 2023. Born on March 21, 1955, in Sacramento, George was a constant source of support and love for both his biological and stepchildren. A tribute will be held at Sacramento Sunset Gardens on August 10th.

​Father figure:

Though not bound by blood, Benjamin “Ben” Moore, who departed on August 2, 2023, was a father figure to many. Born on June 5, 1958, in Dallas, his influence extended far beyond family lines. To the neighborhood children, sports teams, and community, Ben was a beacon of guidance. We’ll gather at Dallas Community Hall on August 9th to celebrate his legacy.

​Young father:

Jake Mitchell, a brilliant young father, left us too soon on July 29, 2023. Born on December 28, 1997, in Seattle, Jake’s vibrant spirit and zest for life left an indelible mark. His infant son, Max, and partner, Emily, alongside a tight-knit circle of friends and family, will honor him at Green Meadows Park on August 6th.

​Father who passed after a long illness:

After a brave battle with cancer, Michael Anderson departed peacefully on July 30, 2023. Born on February 11, 1949, in Boston, Michael’s resilience and optimism inspired us all. He leaves behind a legacy of courage and love. His family will host a private ceremony to honor his memory.

​Father who died unexpectedly:

In an unexpected twist of fate, we lost Samuel “Sam” Harper on July 27, 2023. Born on April 22, 1975, in San Diego, Sam’s sudden departure reminds us of life’s fragility. His laughter, spontaneity, and boundless love are deeply missed by his partner, children, and the community. A public vigil will be held on August 5th at Oceanview Gardens.

Conclusion – Obituary for father

Each father brings unique memories, lessons, and love into our lives. Writing an obituary for a father, irrespective of the type of relationship, is about cherishing the moments shared, honoring the memories made, and expressing gratitude for the time spent together.

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