Duke the Lab

The greatest dog that ever lived, Duke, crossed the rainbow bridge this morning after a really long hard battle with chronic ear infections that turned out to be metastatic cancer. He lived a great 12.5 years and this house will be painfully empty without him here.

Black lab with a collar and a smile.

His journey, from a mischievous puppy to the best damn dog ever, ended peacefully on April 1, 2021, leaving behind an irreplaceable void in our hearts.

Born in the spring of 2008, Duke’s early days were a whirlwind of non-stop energy, curiosity, and a remarkable ability to find things to chew. Shoes, clothes, bones, trash, and a multitude of TV remotes fell prey to his insatiable puppy appetite. We’ve often joked that given the chance, he might have eaten the TV as well. Paper and toilet paper became unexpected casualties in his youthful explorations, and any unattended food was, of course, a delicious bonus.

Yet, through all the playful havoc, Duke’s charm was impossible to resist. His antics brought laughter into our home, teaching us the meaning of patience and the simple joy of life’s unpredictable moments.

As Duke matured, he left behind his puppy mischief, growing into a loyal, affectionate companion known for his remarkable understanding and patience. He had a gentle soul, always ready with a comforting presence, a wagging tail, or a playful nudge when we needed it most.

Duke had a zest for life, a love for adventure that was truly infectious. He loved chasing balls with a relentless passion. Cats, squirrels, anything that moved fast enough to start a game of chase was fair game. But more than anything, Duke loved people, especially children, and especially the four who entered his formerly quiet home and filled it with chaos and more dropped food than he could ever have imagined.

black dog running with a ball.

As we remember Duke, we celebrate his adventurous spirit, his unwavering loyalty, and his heart full of love. We fondly remember the mischievous puppy who could eat a shoe in record time, and we honor the incredible dog he became. Duke taught us about unconditional love, the joy of the present moment, and the irreplaceable bond between humans and their pets.

In Duke’s passing, we’ve lost a faithful companion, a four-legged friend who loved us as much as we loved him. Yet, the memories we’ve shared, the love he’s given us, and the lessons he’s taught us will continue to live on.

Rest in peace, big boy. May your spirit continue chasing balls in doggy Heaven. You were truly the best damn dog ever, and we will miss you deeply. Your paw prints will forever remain etched on our hearts.

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