Where this all began

We recently lost a family member and wanted to post an obituary in our local newspaper. To our surprise and shock, the cost was more than $1000! Unbelievable!

Deciding that was ridiculous, we opted to use the free (with the cost of the funeral, of course!) obituary service through the funeral home. This proved a somewhat frustrating task, as funeral home directors and staff are not necessarily writers. We went back and forth with revisions and aggravated them mightily before finally ending up with a version that was acceptable.

And so, an idea was formed. What if there were a place online where regular folks could post an obituary without it costing a fortune? And if those folks need help with writing, that can be part of the deal.

That’s what we’re offering here: a chance to post a tribute to your loved one without an exorbitant publishing fee. There are no glitchy promises to post the obituary for free and then halfway through offer up a premium package with more features. We show you right up front exactly what each package includes.

We can help write the obituary for you, and we will provide unlimited revisions—we’ll make changes until you are completely satisfied with the end result.

There’s nothing fancy here. We don’t partner with newspapers because we are not going to pass on those ridiculous charges. We can partner with funeral homes if they would like to simply post a link to the obituary on our site. This is a simple, affordable means to honor your loved one.

We offer our sincerest condolences and hope that our service can make one aspect of a trying time a little easier.

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