Bossy the Cat

It is with a heavy heart but a light spirit that we announce the passing of our beloved feline, Bossy. From sometime in 2005 to his last glorious nap on May 5, 2021, Bossy led a life that was enviable, full of adventure, naps, and the occasional annoyance at having to share his castle with lesser creatures. His name says it all – Bossy ruled with an iron paw.

Grey cat sitting in a meadow with flowers.

Bossy was, as his name implies, truly the boss of our household. Other cats and that ever-energetic dog bowed before his will, acknowledging his rule. Yet, in his magnanimous nature, Bossy tolerated them all, even though it was clear they drove him a bit nuts. We all know the grimace he reserved for that dog, which we’ll fondly remember as his ‘K9 disdain face’.

In his prime, Bossy was a connoisseur of fine catnip and an avid mouse chaser. He would prance around, his tail held high, batting at his toys with the precision of a seasoned athlete. He held the indoor record for consecutive mouse squeaky-toy captures, a record we believe will never be surpassed.

When not engaged in his athletic pursuits, Bossy was a creature of relaxation. He could often be found lounging in the window, his favorite spot. With the sun warming his sleek fur, he’d keep one eye open, ever on the lookout for those devious birds and squirrels. His twitching tail was the only giveaway of the hunter within, silently vowing revenge on every robin or squirrel that dared to enter his kingdom.

But perhaps the most endearing and slightly infuriating aspect of Bossy’s reign was his love for playing hide and seek with our belongings. Car keys, TV remotes, our favorite socks, nothing was sacred. Each found item was a testament to his cheeky personality, a feline prankster leaving his mark on our lives. We have yet to find the stash of missing pens.

To say Bossy was just a cat would be an understatement. He was a king, a confidante, a prankster, and a warm presence (especially when he deigned to sit on our laps). We’re grateful for the 16 years we had with him. Even though he’s no longer with us physically, his spirit lives on, probably in a sunlit window somewhere, one eye open, keeping watch.

Rest in peace, Bossy. May your kingdom in the afterlife be filled with unlimited catnip, plenty of sunlit windows, and no damn dogs. We will miss you and the love you brought into our lives. And yes, we promise to continue the search for those missing pens.

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